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What Kinds of Services Can You Expect With Property Management?
March 15, 2023

Property management services take the stress out of property management. There is a wide range of services that a property management team provides. According to TrueList, about 70% of property management teams do inspections, manage the leasing and advertising, and will hire a general contractor to make repairs on your behalf. Here is what you should expect from a property manager.

Tenant Screening and Lease Management

Most property management teams manage tenant screenings to ensure your property is rented to highly qualified tenants. They also manage the lease to ensure that renters follow the rules. They manage lease renewals, collect rents for the lease agreement, and more. Many owners find working with a property management company easier because of the tenant screening process alone. However, you can expect that the entirety of the leasing process will be well managed. Generating leases, the lease language, signing, and more are all part of the services a property management team offers.

Maintenance of Property

Property maintenance is a key component of the services a property management team provides. The maintenance of your property helps keep up your property's value. Things like snow removal, landscaping, and repairs all fall under the purview of the property management team. If a general contractor needs to be hired, they screen the general contractor to ensure high-quality results. As part of the agreement, the property manager can make decisions about repairs up to a specific monetary limit.

Tenant Relationships

A property manager manages tenant relationships. They will collect rent, answer complaints, and accept repair work orders. Should a tenant breach the lease agreement, the property manager will handle the breach. If court action is necessary, the property manager will handle the court action. Property owners never have to have contact with their tenants when there is a property management team overseeing the property. The entire relationship management falls on the property management company.

A property manager makes investment property ownership easy. Everything can be managed with the property owner interacting minimally. Learn more about what a property management team has to offer your property. Call Massie & Co today to speak with a trusted property management team that puts your property interest first.

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