Final Recap of Woodland Ford
July 13, 2023
In late 2019, we were presented with a new challenge that we had not yet tackled in the 30+ years of Massie & Company general contracting history: We embarked on our first journey to build a Ford signature car dealership in Woodland, CA. The Woodland Ford ownership group handed us the blueprints of their signature dealership, which involved a total of three structures: a sales office, a drive-through canopy, and a service warehouse. We began evaluating how we could provide Ford’s signature aesthetics, while innovating ways to value engineer the overall project. We quickly began assembling our core team of engineers, project managers, and designers. 
Our Massie & Company specialty is determining the best materials and design strategies that are the most financially efficient and optimal in long-term quality. When we look back at our roots in commercial construction, we have been developers for nearly 35 years in which we obtain land, design functional layouts, construct visually appealing buildings that we can be proud of for decades to come, and we manage those properties for our commercial tenants. It is through this experience that we have gained first-hand knowledge from the perspectives of the client, contractor, and ultimately, the end-user to find out what works and what does not work well for all parties far beyond opening day.
In this case with Woodland Ford, we offered the idea of a pre-manufactured metal building for all three buildings on-site, instead of utilizing the original specifications of a post and beam frame for the front sales office. With our client’s approval, we moved forward with our metal building design, which will be easier for our client to maintain throughout various weather conditions, and it will provide a stable roof with an extended life-expectancy. One of the project’s most celebrated revelations was the idea to add a 9-hole putting green on the east perimeter of the parking lot. This idea was given to us as we were well into the construction phase, however, our team was more than willing to adjust plans in order to give Ford customers the option to enjoy a peaceful entertainment experience while their vehicle is possibly being serviced or prepared for purchase. We are very pleased with the way this putting green turned out and we already hear that it is a major hit with customers!
Every story has its obstacles; chances to overcome, or chances to fail. Similar to most businesses in the peak of COVID-19, our Woodland Ford project came to a halt in 2020. We were thrilled when construction was revived in April 2022 and the project was later completed in June 2023. But aside from COVID shutdowns and supply chain shortages, we experienced record-level rainfall leading to dangerous floods and atmospheric rivers in Northern California both winters of 2022 and 2023. We shifted perspectives where it was needed and adjusted our requirements where we could with the help of our extraordinary crew members and subcontractors when obstacles did arise. Our goal for overcoming obstacles was to maintain the overall aesthetics and operational needs of the site, while still upholding safety and efficiency.
We are incredibly thankful for all of the people that gave their time and effort to this venture. On our internal team, our construction manager, superintendents, estimators/ project managers, construction analyst, and administrators went above and beyond to make this job a success, not just for our direct client, but for end users. Our team members made connections with Ford Dealership employees, and it was a great joy getting to see both teams unite as one. The City of Woodland staff members were key players in helping us quickly move along the permit process and their building department was very knowledgeable in working around supply chain shortages. Lastly, our long list of trustworthy subcontractors were an incredible asset to this project. We’d like to honor KPFF Engineering, Bosley Electric, Cooper Oates Air Conditioning, Fabri Steel West, Blueline Construction, Capitol Commercial Plumbing, among many others for providing their expertise and helping us execute a successful project. All crew members that were a part of making Woodland Ford come to life committed extended time, chose to fulfill their role as best as they knew how, and worked hard to achieve the collective mission. We thank every person who was a part of this accomplishment.
Our construction manager, Dave Morton, wrapped up this project with our Massie & Company Construction Department a few weeks ago saying, “If you never push the boundaries, you’ll never go anywhere. It’s easy to watch from the cheap seats. To grow, you have to get into the ring”. We believe that these core values of integrity and courage is exactly what Woodland Ford represents. It is a story of growth, grit, discovery, and triumph. When you pass the Woodland Ford Dealership on CA I-5, know that it is the collective story of many incredible individuals coming together for one great mission and we hold onto the many stories that are cemented into those walls of Woodland Ford. We encourage you to visit Woodland Ford for their amazing product inventory and gracious team members. We wish the team at Woodland Ford a major success for years to come!


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