When you are looking to invest with a company few things matter more than longevity and experience.
At Massie and Company, we pride ourselves on possessing both and we have a proven track record dating all the way back to 1988.

Why Massie?

Successfully navigating through the last three major economic cycles (S&L crisis, bubble & The Great Recession), we have mastered the art of value add and preservation strategies.

Our Investment/Asset Managers have no less than 25 years of individual experience with a combined experience timeline of over 100 years.

What makes us different?

We invest large percentages of our own capital in each offering. Our loan-to-value ratios are far below industry standards for institutional financing; this protects our investment partners from undue risk in times of uncertainty.

Because we ourselves are so heavily invested in each offering, our capital partners have the comfort of knowing the asset will be evaluated and managed to maximize the profits for all parties involved.
Become a part of our legacy.

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